Return Policy

Return and Exchange Policy

Dear customer, if you encounter transaction issues and need to negotiate with the seller for a return, you can proceed as follows based on the order status

1、 Return and Exchange Policy

1. Customized products (non quality issues) cannot be returned or exchanged

Due to the certain private attributes of personalized products, unless there are quality issues with the product itself, customized products can only be returned or exchanged in the following situations:

(1) The product itself has quality issues, such as damage, thread detachment, incomplete printing, etc.

(2) The received product does not match the original design. When there is a significant difference between the purchased product and the final received product, such as color, size, and pattern, consumers have the right to request a return or exchange.

(3) The product cannot be used due to errors made by the merchant. In this case, the merchant is responsible for refunding or remaking the product.

2. Customized products (quality issues) can be returned or exchanged

If there are quality issues with the customized product itself, such as color deviation, inappropriate size, etc., consumers have the right to request the merchant to provide return or exchange services. At this point, consumers should promptly contact the merchant and provide relevant pictures and information to prove that the product has quality issues.

3. Standard products can be returned or exchanged

For standard products, according to the regulations of Taobao platform, consumers can enjoy a 7-day unconditional return and exchange service. Within seven days of receiving the product, if the product has not been used, the appearance has not been damaged, and the labels, accessories, packaging, etc. are complete, consumers can contact the merchant at any time for return and exchange services.

2、 Precautions

1. When returning or exchanging goods, it is necessary to keep intact product labels, packaging bags, and other related items. If the returned goods lack labels, packaging bags, etc., the merchant has the right to refuse to accept the return and exchange service.

2. Consumers should promptly contact the merchant and provide a detailed explanation of the reason for the return or exchange. Before applying for a return or exchange, they must provide relevant photos or videos to prove the necessity of the return or exchange.

3. Merchants are responsible for product production and delivery, while consumers need to maintain reasonable patience and tolerance, so that merchants have enough time to solve problems and carry out relevant processing.

Shipping instructions 

Delivery time of customized products on Taobao:

For products with customized pre-sales and other special circumstances, the delivery time shall be subject to the merchant's product description page.

If the merchant delivers the goods within the agreed delivery time between the buyer and seller, it does not constitute delayed delivery; Merchants who ship beyond the agreed time are considered delayed shipments.

If there is no specific delivery time agreed with the Taobao seller, the seller shall ship within 72 hours after the first request for delivery;

If the seller fails to deliver the goods within the agreed delivery time with the buyer, Taobao will refund the buyer.

During the period of waiting for delivery (the buyer has paid), the payment for goods is frozen in Alipay, so there is no need to worry about capital loss.

Customized products do not support seven day no reason return, unless the seller has set a return commitment on their own.

If there are discrepancies or quality issues with the description of the product, the corresponding handling principles shall be followed.

Before the expiration of the agreed delivery time for the goods, the buyer shall not request a refund, unless the seller clearly states that they will not fulfill the customized contract.

If the buyer refuses to sign for customized products without justifiable reasons, they shall bear the losses incurred by the seller as a result, and the specific standards shall be determined by Taobao based on the actual situation.